Mercyhurst exhibit captures power, beauty of storms

by Karen Rene Merkle, Erie Times-News
Contributing writer

There’s no way to explain the concept of the edge, said Hunter S. Thompson, “because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over (it).”

I don’t know if Cleveland artist Judith Brandon is aware of that quote, but she’s certainly adept at taking us on a journey right to the precipice in “Edge to Edge,” her one-woman show that opens the season at Mercyhurst University’s Cummings Gallery.
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Bombs Away!

Blowing up nuclear fears and follies
By Joseph Clark

In a 1951 talk, William de Kooning observed,

“Today, some people think that the light of the atom bomb will change the concept of painting once and for all.” In Hiroshima, that light had remade the world with terrible minimalism: “For one instant, everybody was the same color.”

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Judith Brandon’s ‘Atmospheric Distortions’ show on display in Cleveland

By Douglas Max Utter, Special to The Plain Dealer

Prosaic though the Midwestern landscape may seem to those of us who live here, a mystical, dreamlike streak runs through the painted reveries of some of our best landscape artists. In the past century, visual poets such as William Sommer and Charles Burchfield sounded out their highly stylized, nearly musical paintings based on local scenes [Read More…]

Stormy Weather

by Arabella Proffer

Judith Brandon is a Cleveland-based artist with a passion for the environment and ever changing weather patterns. Graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art degrees in drawing and enameling, her abstract landscapes are filled with lonesome prairies, water, clouds, storms, and what can sometimes look like oil refineries gone bad. Using her own intuition […Read More]